Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Socio-economic Situation of the Project Area

A. Educational Condition:

The literacy in this place is below 28 to 29%. Compared to other districts it is very less in the villages. It is a common practice that among the village children 45%of them are dropout from their education after 5th class. With the compulsion of parents and the missionaries around, a few have reached up to 10th standard. But it is not a support to the family. For any professional work they should complete their 12th class. Due to their poor economic conditions and oppression from the landlords they are not in a position to educate their youth up to 12th class. Hence they send their elder children to work in the fields of the landlords for mere wages. The situation of the girls is still worse. Soon after attaining the age of puberty the parents of the girl children arrange marriage for their children. In this area more than 60%of the girl children’s marriages take place at the age of 12 to 14. They neither know what marriage is nor how to take care of the child. Because of these practice the women become sick and old after marriages. Various health problems and personal problems arise due to these practices. The educational level of women and girls are the lowest.

B. Social Condition:

The vast majority of the people are Hindus. Christians constitute only a small section of the population. Therefore Hindu way of life has significant influence on the Christian faithful. Hindus do not emphasize on community worship instead they stress on the individual approach to religious worship. Thus visiting as many deities as possible and pleasing them through pilgrimage to the Holy Shrines are very important for them for the salvation and blessings from the deities. This practice is telling greatly in to the religious life of the Christians also.

C. Religious condition:
People as a whole, whether Christians or non Christians, are very religious minded. They are more attracted to popular ways of worship and practices. The traditional and philosophical style of religion is not much interested for the people. Everything in the name of God is a sacred for the people and they give high reverence for such things and places. That is why shrines and statues attract people than formal liturgical services. People have more faith in tangible and visible mediums. All religious shrines are revered and respected by faithful of the other religions also.