Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Background Information & Location – at a glance

Andhra Pradesh is one of the biggest in the geographical features, culture and language of the people. Being the 5th Biggest State, it is divided in to 3 regions according to Coastal Andhara, Telangana and Rayalseema.

The Diocese of Kurnool was founded in 1967. It consists of two big civil districts. The origin of Christianity in this area goes back to 1770. But till the arrival of Franciscan Missionaries, Mill Hill foreign mission of Paris(MEP) had done the work of evangelization of people which was confined to a handful of villages., neither the clergy nor the faithful from the communities were keen on taking the Gospel to the other, but were satisfied with taking care of these existing communities. With the arrival of OFM, MHM, and MEP in the diocese from 1940, the spreads of the Gospel gained momentum and about 220 new communities have been added to the Church of Kurnool as on date. Among those who embrace catholic faith in this period of Evangelization are from poor Dalit and backward communities. These communities are socially, economically, educationally backward and politically powerless people. Most of them live in below the poverty line and hence they are underdeveloped in many ways.

The Diocese in which we are situated is the largest in area and in population. The geographical area is estimated to 17658 kilometers. Out of 1104 Mandals of the state, 54 Mandals are in Kurnool District.

Kosigi mandal is Located 120 KM away from Kurnool. Each Mandal has 22-25 villages respectively.This area is highly drought hit prone, economically and educationally most backward. Because of the drought, people migrate to near by cities and towns for their lively-hood.

Kosigi is very arid, chronically drought affected and backward rural area. More than 95 percentage of the population is small or marginal farmers and agricultural related coolie workers. The cultivation is mainly rain-fed and there is either excessive or scarcity of rain and the result is always crop failure. In addition to the crop loss, 7 to 8 months of every year they do not get any employment. Therefore they have to migrate to cities in search of livelihood. Seasonal migration has become an established life style for a good number of villagers. When they go in search of work, the migration takes place along with the whole family.

Kosigi is an interior area and the nearest city and the district headquarters is Kurnool which is 125 kms away. Kurnool district along with three districts (Cudappah, Chittoor and Ananthapur), called Rayalaseema, is an area of cheap quality stones and dry weather.